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Dongguan Huayi Hardware Co., Ltd.
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Dong Guan Hua yi metal products Ltd produce all kind of screws, nuts. casing. main products: Nylon nuts, nylon flange insert lock nuts; K nut; flange nut; disc type nut; nylon bag nut; corners nut, six corner nut, full metal lock tight nut, all kinds of casing. pulled riveting nut, screws, gasket class main products: drill tail screws, carriage screws, pine not de screws, combination screws, 12.9 level tight will machine m screws, throat plug, flat pad, bomb pad, retaining ring, within six corner wrench, related supporting products. production standard to (DIN) de marked, (JIS) day marked, (GB) GB, (ANSI) beauty marked. (ISO) international
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